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If your team is quietly quitting, disengaged, disconnected, not productive or overwhelmed at work? Reignite your team's morale, creativity and productivity, recharge their energy levels, and rediscover genuine connection through the power of Art for Today's transformative Art Sessions.

These immersive experiences, expertly crafted by Professional Artist and Creative Coach Gemma Donnellan, offer a much-needed reprieve from the daily grind. Through energy-clearing and invigorating exercises, guided meditation and hands-on artistic expression, your employees will tap into their inherent inventiveness, alleviate stress and anxiety, and bond over a shared journey of self-discovery.


Transcend traditional team-building and unlock new levels of collaboration, communication, and innovative thinking that will supercharge your workplace culture and combat quiet quitting.


Art for Today’s Art Sessions are like no other team-building experience, we dive into creative energy, slashing limiting beliefs, lifting mental health and wellbeing.

Held at Artist’s Studios in the main gallery space, immersing you in the artist's world. We begin with a studio tour, space-clearing exercises, and meditation, culminating in an expansive Art Session.  Alternatively, we can come to you, we set up and clean up, making it easy for you. 

Art Sessions are designed to enhance the happiness of your team, elevate creativity, spark inspiration and tap into your staff's dormant creative potential which alleviates stress and anxiety and encourages overall well-being. 


There is no generic painting-by-numbers or formulaic art production involved​ so your staff can unlock both creative expression and flow, tap into lateral thinking and generate new ideas.

Your staff will love connecting through this incredibly fun art experience and come away both enriched and thankful.  


Our uplifting Art sessions are designed to boost workplace productivity, morale, staff connection, communication, and overall happiness. We shift blocks, expand creative energy, relieving stress and anxiety and combat quiet quitting.

Perfect for in-house events, corporate conferences and retreats.



Gemma Donnellan


For Bookings or further

information call or email

Gemma Donnellan

Professional Artist, Creative Coach, Connector

0400 157 187 or

Corporate Wellbeing Team Art Activities provide a positive approach to staff connection, productivity, retention, morale and mental health. Here's how:

Productivity: Corporate art sessions directly boost employee productivity by providing a creative outlet that refreshes the mind and enhances problem-solving abilities. The act of artistic expression allows participants to take a mental break from their usual work tasks, reducing stress and reigniting their creative energy reserves. As they explore painting techniques, employees tap into their innovative right-brain thinking, which promotes out-of-the-box solutions and fresh perspectives that can be applied to workplace challenges. This creative exercise improves focus, concentration, and cognitive flexibility - all critical skills for productive work. By implementing these engaging art sessions, companies unlock their teams' full creative potential, leading to higher productivity levels.

Stress Reduction: Our nurturing art activities are therapeutic, when people focus on painting they tend to leave their worries and problems behind. Engaging in artistic activities can help reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and promote relaxation, which leads to a general improvement in mood and morale.

Reducing stress levels contributes to a healthier, happier work environment and improves employees' team spirit. 

Team Building: Art is an instant morale booster, team members come together in a non-judgmental space, can let their hair down, have some fun and even sing along to our specially curated playlists. This positive interaction allows workmates to converse and see each other in a different light, sharing a sense of accomplishment and achievement at the end of a session. 

Creativity and Innovation: Participants are encouraged to use their imagination and given creative freedom in our unique Art Sessions. This develops new perspectives, diverse thought processes and understandings. We cultivate creativity and self-expression, which can then be applied to business strategies, problem-solving, innovation, product development and other inventive ideas. People have told me after one session they notice things like colour and details and see their environment with fresh eyes.

Communication Skills: Painting is a visual platform, this non-verbal expression allows us to communicate thoughts and emotions that may be more challenging to express through words. It allows for introspection, allowing participants to explore or challenge their values, beliefs and emotions, which can enhance an understanding of oneself as well as how to communicate their perspective to others more effectively.

Diversity and Inclusion: Art is for everybody, whether you are a natural talent, simply competent or only love stick figures.  It is all about creativity.  Art allows individuals to express themselves irrespective of their background, gender, age, role, or hierarchy within your organisation, thereby promoting a sense of belonging and inclusion within the larger team.

Relaxation and Mindfulness: Painting requires you to be present in the moment, it is a relaxing and meditative experience allowing one's thoughts to take a break from the daily demands of work. The act of putting brush to canvas delivers mindfulness, it requires you to contemplate and put together a synergy of colours, shapes, form and movement that comes from within.  

Employee Morale and Motivation: Art activities enable employees and management to come together as a community in an engaging, uplifting, and enjoyable way. It provides a mental break outside their usual day-to-day tasks, allowing them to shift their focus and recharge, boosting morale and team spirit.

The art experience will promote a positive team culture, amplify motivation, and show employees you care, value their wellbeing and personal development.  

FUN: Playing with paint feels great, using vibrant colours, getting 

creative, singing along and having a laugh - Art Sessions elevate the spirit, connect you with your inner creative self and are super fun.

The experience of hosting an Art activity for your team has been shown to positively impact workspace dynamics and culture, foster relational pauses to bolster genuine and authentic team connection, support individual wellbeing and, ultimately, improve operational effectiveness.  

We believe art has a transformative influence, as it alleviates both stress and anxiety and encourages overall wellbeing.


Our expertly designed art sessions can unlock both creative expression and flow, there is no generic painting-by-numbers or formulaic art production involved.​


Your staff will love connecting through this incredibly fun art experience and come away united, enriched and thankful.

Session Options

Art sessions are facilitated by Gemma Donnellan,

Professional Artist, Creative Coach, Connector

We make it easy for you, we supply all art materials.

Curated playlist to suit your company’s vibe.

Held either in a gallery space surrounded by Artist's Studios with an optional studio tour 

or I can come to you, I set up and clean up, making it super easy for you.

Our sessions are conducted in a fun, positive and inclusive way where everyone feels welcome and valued. There is no room for judgment, only a celebration of creativity.


This one hour art session is the perfect option if you are limited for time,  this lively session centres on quick painting and quick thinking to tap into creative potential.


The focus is on embracing spontaneity rather than perfection, have your team step outside their comfort zones without the constraints of overthinking.


The fast-paced nature is interactive, fun and non-competitive. A great icebreaker or addition to a larger team conference, or as a short stand-alone activity.



This pleasure filled two-hour Art Session and space clearing aims to shift limiting beliefs, unlock creativity, promote innovative thinking and cultivate workplace positivity. Painting encourages communication while the collaborative art experience connects colleagues on a personal level.


This shared experience cultivates a positive team culture, boost motivation, and showcase the organisation's commitment to valuing the wellbeing and personal development of its staff.



This Two-and-a-half-hour Art Session and Meditation and space clearing is where magic happens.

This immersive experience aims to delve into your staff’s core creativity, restoring balance and harmony within. Participants are guided through a simple space clearing, an uplifting meditation designed to shape and develop their imagination into a figurative or abstract artwork. People have found this process grounding, amplifying radiance, positivity and unity.


Through mediation you can ‘get down’ into your own space, this has the potential to spark a new positive mindful practice, great for your staff to relieve stress and anxiety.



Optional Extra's

BESPOKE ART SESSIONS-  A bespoke session can be added to any of our 3 Art Sessions varieties

This includes a client consultation to discuss objectives and outcomes, a concept is created and a bespoke Art Session designed and delivered.

We customise art activities to align with your workplace, values and objectives. Relating the concepts directly to your business goals deepens engagement and ideas that emerge may spark solutions to current challenges.

Exploring an art concept invites innovative thinking and can help participants gain insights that apply to particular business strategies, opportunities, challenges, or product development. This practical integration is very tangible and helps your team think creatively in a business context.

ART PACKS - We have art packs available for remote staff members who would like to join in via Zoom.


CHARCUTERIE - We can supply delicious Charcuterie boards and non-alcoholic refreshments if required.


APRONS - Designer Art Aprons are available for you or your team to purchase. As well as being practical, they are a reminder to staff of the super fun art experience and that their company cares.

TRAVEL - We are happy to travel to country Victoria or interstate to hold Art Sessions, for your team, retreat or conference.

Let's elevate the creative energy in your team!



Art for Today's - Simple Terms and Conditions

1. Booking and Payment: Your booking is confirmed upon receipt of a completed form and a 20% deposit. The balance is due at the end of the session.

2. Cancellations and Rescheduling: Please provide 5 working days notice for any changes. We'll offer an alternative date or a full refund for any unforeseen cancellations on our end.

3. Participant Conduct: Please be respectful and responsible during the session. We reserve the right to remove disruptive participants.

4. Materials: All materials are provided. Please use them responsibly.

5. Artwork Use: We may use photos or videos of your artwork and art sessions for promotion unless you request otherwise.

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Image by Tim Arterbury

Craig Green

Community Engagement Manager

Aveo Group

“ With a focus on Community Engagement and connecting with a broader social demographic for our business, we engaged Art for Today under the esteemed direction of Gemma Donnellan, to deliver a series of art workshops connecting people thru the medium of art. Gemma provided a relaxed and fun experience complementing our shared experience in our Retirement Living Communities. “
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