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Founder Art For Today


Professional Artist, Creative Coach, Connector

Catch up with me on Linked in or Instagram, if you would like to connect or collaborate, if you need me to help with your creative project, let me know.

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Gemma Donnellan Professional Artist, Creative Coach, Connector

As a professional artist, I love hosting engaging art sessions, where people take time out, tap into their creative flow and have fun.

I specialise in helping people open up their creativity, let go of self-doubt and limiting beliefs, and embrace the freedom of self-expression that art provides. I believe everyone has an innate artist and through guidance can let go of inhibitions and unlock their creativity and positive flow, which I believe has a transformational effect on other areas of life.

Whether you’ve been dabbling for a while, or haven’t picked up a paintbrush since primary school, you’ll love my art sessions. It’s a nurturing space for people to take time to connect with themselves, ponder, play and converse with others.

I have been formally trained and practiced for more than 20 years, I’ve been painting since I could hold a brush. This means I’m well qualified to guide you the painting skills you need to bring out the artist in you. 

As well as building my own business, I’ve spent many years in a large studio practice collaborating with and working alongside exceptional established artists. This type of knowledge and practical know-how gleaned from the studio you can’t get from YouTube, it’s skills and experience shared over a round table, through exploration, practice and sometimes making mistakes which sometimes turn out to be break-throughs. 

My art sessions are designed with all this experience in mind, stirring inspiration, imagination and developing positive ways of thinking and expanding, unlocking your unique expression. 

Throughout my career I have had six solo exhibitions, been a feature artist and exhibited in numerous group shows, all of which have cultivated my diverse style and subject matters. So it doesn’t matter what type of painting interests you, I can guide you.

When I’m not holding my art classes or painting, I love, yoga, meditation, gardening and music. Through art I have also had the privilege to organise and take part in numerous fundraising activities which is something I love. The art sessions I offer allow me to mix my love of community, people and entertaining with art and creativity. 

Art Stuff

Gemma Donnellan has been a practicing artist for 20 years, formally trained in Visual Arts at RMIT. Gemma has been a member of Swan Street Studios in excess of 8 years, which has seen her practice expand & develop.  She has had 6 solo exhibitions, been a feature artist and a part of many group shows. Gemma also gives talks to primary school children with a focus on art & writing.


Gemma held her first solo exhibition of 18 works called ‘First’ in 2003 at the Level 11 Gallery, Flinders Lane.  ‘My Magnolias’ from this exhibition is part of the Peter MacCallum Hospital Collection.  Her painting ‘Taller Poppies’ was pre-selected for the prestigious Cromwell’s Art Prize in Sydney, then sold at auction. 


In 2003 Gemma undertook ‘Designs in Drawing’ course at RMIT University.  She then completed her diploma of Visual Arts at RMIT in 2005, majoring in printmaking & painting.


Gemma exhibited her printmaking series ‘Breathe’ at Art Holes Gallery in 2005.  Also a printmaking series, ‘Chandeliers’ was Gemma’s second solo exhibition at Carlow House.  In addition to her fine art she has designed a line of children’s giftware for interior design boutique Moss Melbourne.


Gemma's successful 2014 solo exhibition ‘Perfume' saw paintings delivered to Melbourne collectors including fashion icon Adele Palmer.  February 2015 saw the collaboration between Gemma Donnellan & Christine Cropley in 'Aphrodisiac Abstraction', held in an Art Deco Pop Up Gallery in North Melbourne. 


Gemma showcased part of her perfume series at the 'Sagra Salon Show' June - Aug 2015, Sagra Gallery Malvern.  Gemma's perfume paintings were also showcased in the Toorak Village Art Walk in 2015.


2016 saw Gemma make her first entry into the infamous Archibald Portraiture Prize, although she did not make the final selection, her portrait 'Amelina' of Master Perfumer Emma J. Leah was shown on National television. 


Gemma was approached by US clothing company VIDA to launch her first fashion collection using her perfume bottle paintings, which is currently available on-line. 


2017 Gemma was honoured to be the Feature Artist at the 'Roberts McCubbin Artshow', and was also invited to take part in the Canterbury Artshow.


For the month of June in 2018 Gemma held her 6th solo exhibition at ‘Riveresque’ in Warrandyte.  Gemma again exhibited in the Canterbury Artshow.

As a response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Gemma set up ‘Art-19’ a fundraising initiative, throughout August September and October of 2020.  Gemma auctioned 4 artworks with all proceeds going to Berry Street to support children, young people and families in severe poverty and crisis.  Gemma designed 2 posters for the staff at St Vincent's hospital through an initiative called 'The Thankyou Posters': Expressions of heARTfelt thanks from the arts community to the staff at St Vincent's.

Leonard Joel Auction house exhibited and sold Gemma's artworks in February 2021.  St Vincents Hospital has acquired 'A New Beginning' soon to be on public display in the entrance foyer of ‘Berengarra’ their new state of the art aged care facility located in Kew and use this image on their bereavement cards. 

Before following her artist vocation, Gemma had a corporate background working Telstra, KPMG, ANZ and Kraft Foods. Based in London for 2 years she travelled Europe & Asia.  Gemma also has a long history with Architecture beginning her working life with Spowers Architects and many years later with ARM Architects, as Executive Assistant to Ian McDougall.  


Gemma lives in Melbourne with her husband, Architect Chris Hose Director of Williams Ross Architects, and their sixteen year old, daughter Estelle.

The CV

RMIT, Diploma of Visual Arts, 2005

RMIT, Designs in Drawing, 2003


Solo Exhibitions

2023 - Installation of Artworks for 'The Hendrie Group'

2018 - ‘Memories of Grandmothers Pearls’ Riveresque

2016 - ‘Archibald Unveiling’ Gallery 550

2014 - ‘Perfume’  Gallery 550

2006 - ‘Chandeliers’ Carlow House

2005 - ‘Nature’ Feeling For Life

2003 - ‘First’ The Level 11 Gallery​


Group Exhibitions

2023 - Roberts McCubbin Artshow

2022 - Gallery 550 group show
2022 - Gallery 550 group show

2021 - Leonard Joel

2020 - Swan St Artists Studios Artfair

2020 - Canterbury Art Show

2019 - Canterbury Art Show

2019 - Roberts McCubbin Art Show

2018 - Canterbury Art Show

2018 - Sorrento Art Show

2018 - Mornington Art Show

2017 - Feature Artist - Roberts McCubbin Artshow

2017 - Bayside Art Show

2017 - Canterbury Art Show

2017 - Sorrento Art Show’

2016 - Belle Arti Art Prize Chapman & Bailey

2015 - Swan Street Studios end of year exhibition

2015 - Toorak Village Art Walk

2015 - 'Salon Show' Sagra Gallery

2015 - 'Aphrodisiac Abstraction' with Christine Cropley

2014 - 'Scope' Melbourne Pavilion

2013 - Studio exhibition, Cube Gallery

2006 - Camberwell Rotary Show

2005 - Graduate exhibition, Fitzroy Gallery

2005 - ‘Breathe’ Printmaking series, Artholes Gallery

2005 - Visual Art & performance exhibition, Shift#1


2023 - 'Village' Fundraiser for the Whitby boys

2022 - Our Lady of Mercy College - Fundraising

2020 - 'Art-19' Fundraising initiative for Berry Street

2020 - 'The Thankyou Posters' Expressions of heARTfelt thanks for the staff at St Vincent's Hospital

2018 - 'Art and Soul' - Youth Projects 

2018 - Artist is Residence St Clements of Rome Bulleen

2017 - Fundraiser for North Ringwood Football Club

2014 - DIPG Fundraiser 'Eli the Viking'

2001 - Fundraising Charity Ball, Mary McKillop Foundation

Competition Finalist

2014 - 'Kennedy Art Prize', People's Choice Award

2004 - ‘Cromwell’s Art Prize’ Sydney, sold at Cromwell’s Auction

2004 - ‘She’ The Walker Street Gallery

2001 - ‘Love Exhibition’ 4 Cats Gallery



2021 - St Vincents Hospital collection 'A New Beginning'

2018 - St Clements of Rome PS 'The Anchor'

2014 - Adele Palmer private collection ‘Estelle’

2004 - Peter MacCallum Hospital Collection ‘My Magnolias’


2016 - Perfume Clothing Collection - Voices - VIDA

2006-2013 - Precious Gem Designs range of Children’s gifts, exclusively for Moss Melbourne

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