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The Talent

Finding Inspiration Together

The eclectic characters which make up the 'Art for Today' team, have been brought together with the common passion for creating Art.  


A hugely insightful and supportive collective use a diverse range of mediums, mixed media and modern approaches in creating their artworks. 


You can choose from a wide range of artistic genre's from contemporary landscapes, seascapes, still life, portraiture, life drawing, lux art, realistic, brutalist and abstract paintings.

You can commission artworks from any one of our super talented artists that will suit your style and decor and fit perfectly in your space.

These exceptional quality artists include Alan Annells, Pip Croll, Gemma Donnellan, Prue Kirkcaldie, Original Smith and Paloma White.

Prints will be available in 2024, if you would like to know when it launches, please subscribe to receive latest news.

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