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Art Amplify



From Concept to Exhibition - Your Transformational Artistic Journey Begins Here


Art Amplify is a high-standard mentoring program guiding aspiring young artists through the entire process of a professional exhibition. From concept to creation, marketing, curation, and opening night, you'll experience every facet of bringing a group show to life. This practical mentorship program not only hones your artistic skills but also teaches you the business of being an artist.


As a professional artist with over two decades of experience, I've crafted this unique opportunity for Year 10 & 11 students to immerse themselves in the art world and prepare for potential arts careers. Through hands-on learning and real-world application, you'll gain invaluable insights into both the creative and commercial aspects of the art industry.


Over the course of four in-depth workshops, you'll join a community of like-minded young artists, coming together to collaborate and support each other's creative journeys. You'll learn firsthand how to develop a concept, create original artwork, curate a cohesive show, and organize a professional exhibition. 


This isn't just about theory - you'll be doing the real work, culminating in a Friday evening opening event and a public weekend exhibition of your art at Swan Street Artist Studios. This is your chance to not only showcase your talent but also to potentially sell your artwork, all while forging lasting connections with peers who share your passion for art.


Through mentorship and hands-on experience, you'll gain practical knowledge about the business side of art, including marketing, pricing, and client relations. Art Amplify offers a comprehensive, fun experience that will enrich your artistic practice, expand your horizons, and equip you with the entrepreneurial skills needed in today's art world.


This transformative journey provides the tools, knowledge, and real-world experience to help you stand out in university applications and prepare for a potential arts career. Art Amplify is more than a program - it's the beginning of your professional artistic path.

Art Amplify: Unearthing the Next Generation of Artistic Excellence

'Art Amplify' isn't just a program—it's a launchpad for promising young artists in our community. This initiative identifies and nurtures the brightest artistic talents, offering them a unique opportunity to step into the professional art world.

Your Art Amplify Journey:

  1. Immerse yourself in four in-depth workshops led by Gemma Donnellan professional artist, Creative Coach, Connector

  2. Put together a professional group exhibition

  3. Plan and manage a gala opening night event

  4. Create original artwork with professional guidance

  5. Learn to develop a cohesive artistic concept for a group exhibition

  6. Connect with a group of like-minded artists and be part of an artistic community

  7. Receive all necessary materials, including high-quality linen canvases, professional-grade paints, brushes, and other art supplies

  8. Master curating techniques for a balanced and impactful show

  9. Understand art pricing and sales techniques

  10. Craft compelling artist statements and artwork descriptions

  11. Collaborate effectively with fellow artists

  12. Develop time management and project planning skills essential for artists

  13. Explore various career paths in the arts

  14. Enhance your portfolio for university applications

  15. Create professional labels and art lists for the exhibition

  16. Develop marketing strategies to promote your art and the exhibition

  17. The art of Curating a cohesive and impactful exhibition

  18. Showcase and potentially sell your artwork in a public exhibition

  19. Connect with established artists and industry professionals

  20. Receive a certificate of completion recognising your achievement

  21. Benefit from ongoing support and mentorship beyond the program

Make new friends and have FUN along the way.

This comprehensive journey will provide you with the tools, knowledge, and real-world experience to help you stand out in university applications and prepare for a potential career in the arts. Art Amplify is more than a program - it's the beginning of your professional artistic path.

Art Amplify Timeline

Workshop 1: Sunday, August 18th, 10:30 am - 1:00 pm

Workshop 2: Sunday, September 1st, 10:30 am - 1:00 pm

Workshop 3: Sunday, September 15th, 10:30 am - 1:00 pm

Workshop 4: Sunday, October 13th, 10:30 am - 1:00 pm

Gala Opening: Friday, October 25th, 6:00 am - 8:00 pm

Exhibition Open to the public:

Saturday, October 26th, 12:00 - 4:00 pm  (attendance optional)

Sunday, October 27th, 12:00 - 4:00 pm  (attendance optional)


Art Amplify is an exclusive opportunity to jumpstart your artistic career, offering unparalleled hands-on experience and mentorship. We've made this transformative program accessible to passionate young artists:

Program Fee: $1,800

Be an EARLY BIRD and book before August 8th $1,500

A FULL REFUND is available if you are no longer wish to participate after the first workshop.

This program includes four intensive workshops, each lasting two and a half hours, led by professional artist Gemma Donnellan. It culminates in an exhibition with an opening night and a two-day display. The workshops cover key aspects of the art industry, providing comprehensive insights and hands-on experience, including:

  • Exhibition concept creation

  • All high-quality art materials, including linen canvas, paints and brushes

  • Morning Tea

  • Inspiration and guidance with creation of artworks

  • Intricacies and tips on entering the art world

  • Marketing and promotion of your artwork

  • Curation of the group exhibition

  • labelling and Artist's Statements

  • Networking opportunities with industry professionals

  • Gala opening night event

  • Participation in a professional group exhibition

  • Artist Talks throughout the exhibition

  • Ongoing mentorship and support

  • Opportunity to sell your artwork, with 25% commission to the gallery

  • Art Amplify - Achievement Certificate

  • Advocate and Referee for future art endeavours 

  • Connect with other artists, make new like minded friends and have fun


Secure your spot in this life-changing program today and invest in your artistic future. This is the perfect opportunity to see if the artist's life is for you before committing to a University Degree.

Note: The value of this program extends far beyond the fee, providing real-world experience and connections that are invaluable for aspiring artists.

Due to the intensive nature of the Art Amplify program, places are strictly limited to ensure each participating student receives our full attention and resources. We encourage interested students to book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. 

If you have further questions please email or give me a call to have a chat. or 0400 157 187.

You are invited to check out the Gallery and Studio space

at the 'PUNTERS' exhibition on the 27th and 28th of July from 2-4pm

Level 1, 550 Swan Street Richmond

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