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Art for Today is a dynamic approach to art and creativity.

We facilitate Corporate Wellbeing Team Activities and Art Events.


Our fun Art Sessions can be held in your workspace,

at corporate retreats, conferences or social events,
alternatively, you can come to our
Richmond Studio for your art session.  


As a Professional Artist and creative Coach, I love hosting engaging art sessions, where you can take time out, tap into your creative flow and have fun.

I specialise in helping you open up your creativity, let go of self-doubt and limiting beliefs, and embrace the freedom of self-expression that art provides. I believe everyone has an innate artist and through guidance can let go of inhibitions and unlock their creativity, which I believe has a transformational effect on wellbeing and positive growth.


Art for Today, love to collaborate 

We thrive on expansion and diversity of projects and community


Founder Gemma Donnellan

As a professional artist, Creative Coach and Connector I love hosting engaging art sessions, where people take time out, tap into their creative flow and have fun.

Gemma Donnellan is a Professional Artist, Creative Coach and Connector, who loves to host art sessions
Art works available from a selection of high quality artists

Art Sales, Leasing and Commissions


If your home or office space needs style and love, I can help.

If you are concerned about getting the artwork wrong, unsure on colour, scale and size, or have no idea where to go, give me a call.


We can connect you with a variety of artists, high-quality artworks and quality limited edition prints by established artists.

It starts with a phone conversation, call Gemma 0400 1157 187.

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