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Art for Today is a dynamic approach to creativity, igniting inspiration through diverse art experiences:


At Art For Today, we believe in the transformative power of art to enrich lives, build communities, and drive positive change. Founder Gemma approaches each project with heart, fun, and a commitment to wellbeing. We nurture individual creativity, empowering personal growth and shared experiences in an environment where self-expression flourishes. 

As a Professional Artist, Creative Coach and Connector I love hosting events, programs and engaging art sessions.  A diverse range of projects and offerings, where you can immerse yourself in the world of art.

I specialise in helping you open up your creativity, let go of self-doubt and limiting beliefs, and embrace the freedom of self-expression that art provides. I believe everyone has an innate artist and through guidance can let go of inhibitions and unlock their creativity, which I believe has a transformational effect on wellbeing and positive growth.


Womens Connection Events

'Reciprocity'  events combine Art, Guest Speakers and networking designed for higher learning, connection and raising each other up. A Friday afternoon of meeting wonderful women, great food, champagne, and inspiring guest speakers surrounded by amazing artworks.

This is an opportunity to be part of something deeper, inspired and even transformational - you may connect with that woman who opens you up to new pathways and a broader mindset.

Corporate Wellbeing Art Sessions

If your team is quietly quitting, disengaged, disconnected, not productive or overwhelmed at work? Reignite your team's morale, creativity and productivity, recharge their energy levels, and rediscover genuine connection through the power of Art for Today's transformative Art Sessions.

These immersive experiences, expertly crafted by Professional Artist and Creative Coach Gemma Donnellan, offer a much-needed reprieve from the daily grind. Through energy-clearing and invigorating exercises, guided meditation and hands-on artistic expression, your employees will tap into their inherent inventiveness, alleviate stress and anxiety, and bond over a shared journey of self-discovery.

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High School Art Program

Art Amplify is a high-standard mentoring program guiding aspiring young artists through the entire process of a professional exhibition. From concept to creation, marketing, curation, and opening night, you'll experience every facet of bringing a group show to life. This practical mentorship program not only hones your artistic skills but also teaches you the business of being an artist.

Exhibitions by Art For Today

Our Exhibition showcases Melbourne's finest artists.

Eclectic exhibitions of high-standard artworks with a diverse range of subject matters, from contemporary landscapes, absurdist, still life, abstract, power pop and modernist_brutalist.

Serious yet unpretentious artworks you can take home and put straight on your walls.

Direct from the artist's studios without gallery price tags. 

To cut a long story short

Gemma believes in coming from the heart, having fun, connection and creativity.  Through art Gemma nurtures people to open up to their unique creativity, empowering them to expand their mind and ignites their passion.  She is deeply committed to mental and emotional wellbeing and encourages people to have an unlimited mindset and in turn explore the endless possibilities life has to offer. 


Commissions, Sales, Leasing

If you are searching for artworks for your home or office space, ‘Art for Today’ can select the perfect and most appropriate artworks to suit your vibe, colour scheme and architectural style.

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